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Most of the components of your HVAC system are going to be hidden from view, and therefore you likely don’t think about them often. One component that is in plain sight and should be considered quite often, is your thermostat. The thermostat in your home is essentially the brain of your heating and cooling systems. 

Thermostat technology continues to evolve, and the current cutting-edge models have fantastic features that help save money while providing better heating and cooling. Our technicians at Moore Mechanical can install new thermostats in your house to help you improve your comfort around the year. 

Since 1996, we've been providing thermostat services from Traverse City down to Grand Rapids, and everywhere in between, including Reed City and Muskegon.

Thermostat Installation and Thermostat Replacement Options 

How old is the thermostat in your home? If you still have an old manual model that uses sliders or dials, or a digital model with no extra features, it’s past time for an upgrade. Here are the options to consider for a new thermostat installation: 

  • Programmable thermostat: A digital programmable thermostat gives you greater control over how energy is used in your home. You can come home or wake up to a comfortable environment, but no need to waste power keeping the AC or heater running until that time. 
  • Smart Wifi thermostat: The leading edge in thermostat technology today is the "smart" models. This device enables you to track energy use, control your HVAC systems remotely, and set your heating and cooling systems to turn on before you come home for the day so you do not have to leave them running any longer than necessary. Smart thermostats usually come with Wi–Fi capability so you can control the thermostat from anywhere you have an Internet or smartphone connection.