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CarrierAir Conditioning Installation & Replacement 

Is your home hot and uncomfortable? Do you have a brand new home in the works? Are you ready to start thinking about how you will keep that home cool throughout the summer season? Whatever the specifics of your situation may be, you should know that you can count on our skilled installers and technicians to complete your air conditioning installation with the greatest of care. We offer complete air conditioner replacement and installation service, helping you keep your home comfortable all summer long. 

When is it Time to Replace? 

Debating between air conditioner repair or if an AC replacement is the better suited choice? If so, you’re not alone—it’s a question every homeowner asks when something goes wrong! But to our specialists, there are some clear-cut signs of a replacement, including: 

  • When your repair costs are too high. Whether you’re in need of constant repairs or if your particular problem is simply too costly, replacement may be the more viable, less stressful, and less expensive solution. 

  • When your SEER rating is way behind. The standard for SEER (a simplified measurement of efficiency and cooling power) ups every few years, meaning a system that is 5, 10, or 15 years old is simply out of date and far less capable than a modern cooling system. 

  • If your system is a decade old or older. Once you get past the ten year mark you might be able to squeeze out a few more years of service. Especially so if you get air conditioner maintenance often enough. But you’re going to start seeing more breakdowns, higher energy costs, and less cooling power. When this starts happening to you, head off the issue by seeking replacement. 

  • Your home is humid and uncomfortable. Michigan summers can get lots of humidity during the summer season, and if your cooling system is struggling to keep up, it can leave your home feeling sticky and heavy, as well as too warm. You may find what you need with repair, but just as often it’s simply time for an upgrade.